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Before You Start

Applying for a second citizenship, residency, or immigration program in another country is only done by government authorized agencies like Alpha Migration Consultants. We are strongly affiliated with the government and we ensure your visa application is successful without stress. We regularly update our system updates to meet up with government laws and legal policies. Feel free to contact us, send a query, request, as we will offer you tip, necessary updates regarding the process of visa application.

You already know what you need and seek before sending in consultations. Having a clear picture of what you want and what you want to achieve speeds up the process and makes the consultation more effective. To prepare for your first citizenship you must jot down issues you wish to be resolved, challenges, travel, and migration difficulties. You can also put to account your purpose of traveling out and the numbers of persons you will be traveling with, these details are important to your consultant to serve you better.

Choosing a program might be confusing especially if it is your first time. This difficulty is posed because of the attractive features attached to each program. However, the best way to choose a program is by deciding your purpose of traveling. You should also put into consideration your plans for residence, your marital status, or the number of families/clients involved in your trip. Some programs offer great advantages to families and a group of individuals. While choosing a visa program, you can also put into consideration your habits and leisure. Analysis in this angle will help you decide which visa program or national laws will place you on an unhealthy limitation.

Second Passport FAQs

Dual Nationality, Second Citizenship, Second Passport is a situation where an individual has multiple citizenship rights and legal privileges in different countries. This could be of great benefit to some individuals especially travelers. However, some countries restrict their citizens from having a second passport, so it is necessary that intending applicants confirm from their country before applying.

Citizenship by investment is a type of citizenship right granted to foreigners based on their level of investment in the economy and growth of the nation’s economy. Different countries have a required amount of money that you must invest in the nation’s economy for you to have a citizenship passport and status in the country. One of the benefits of citizenship by investment is that you can become a citizen of such a country within a shorter space of time and in the absence of the rigorous stress and task attached to the immigration process.

Second passport is beneficial for taxation, banking, finance & investment, as well as a generational establishment for your offspring.
Having second passport in another country grants you access to business opportunities that visitors, non-citizens are restricted from. These benefits go down to healthcare services, and state insurance. We can help you gain an extra citizenship status to specified countries through our immigration programs available.

There are a few nationals that offer citizenship to its visitors and foreigners by investment. These countries include Cyprus, Malta, Vanuatu, Turkey, Antigua, Barbuda, ST. Kitts, Grenade, Nevis, Montenegro, and St. Lucia.

Eligibility & Requirements FAQs

Each country is peculiar to its visa application laws and requirements. You are only eligible for second citizenship/second passport/dual residency if you can meet their requirements. These requirements might include age limit, investment and salary earnings, criminal record, and source of funding. Being able to carefully study and meet these requirements help you stand chances for eligibility.

We treat each of our client’s migration needs with so much caution and care, and we can boast of 0% rejection occurrence. We have a team of active and standby legal advisors, consultants, and professionals that work tirelessly to ensure that every visa application sent is approved. We keep up with daily communication with you to ensure that no detail is skipped in your visa process and also foreseeing and correcting any flaws that might meddle with your application process. Sincerity and clarity are key foundations for preventing visa rejection. However, in any case, that there is a rejection, we help you rectify the issue and re-apply your application.

You should learn and speak the language of the country that you are applying to. Nevertheless, this is not a compulsory process. The essence of learning the language of the country to which you are applying is to foster and boost communication channels for better interaction and understanding.


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