Documents are a nightmare! And boy, do we know it! Applications for visas and paperwork preparation can be stressful – but it can be a little less stressful if with us. As UK immigration consultants in Dubai , we’ve always promised to guide you in every step of your migration journey. Immigration processes need not be intimidating or overly complicated. Here, we break down for you how to get a UK Visa from Dubai:

  1. Choose the right visa type for you. There are many visa types – Tourist (if you’re planning on short-term travel), Transit (if you’re planning to pass through the UK to get to another country), Work (for your career), Study, among many others. If you’re looking into staying in the UK long-term for your job, you would probably be applying for a Work Visa. Be careful as using the wrong type of visa can get your application automatically denied.  To be sure hire a UK Immigration consultant in Dubai to avoid all the stress and hassles.
  1. Create a checklist for the materials you would need to bring to your appointment. You will need:
    • Your appointment confirmation (electronic or hard copy)
    • A signed and dated printout of your completed online application form
    • Passport-size photographs (check the UK dimensions for passport-size images)
    • Travel documents such as your passport
    • Copy of the main page of your passport
    • Proof of finances
    • Bank statements and payment slips over the past six months
    • Accommodation and travel details
    • Letter of invitation stating your future address in the UK
    • Any supplementary application forms, if needed

You must take care to bring all the required documents in their correct format as missing or fraudulent documents can lead to an automatic rejection of your visa application. Our experienced consultants will guide and remind you.

  1. An interview may not be required for you but prepare for an interview anyway. Always be ready in case they need to interview you. Alpha Migration boasts of approval with no interview.
  2. Wait – for at most three months. For other consultants it’s usually three months. For Alpha Migration Consultants it’s 60 days guaranteed. UK Visas can get processed in around 3-6 weeks if you’re lucky. However, in the time of Covid-19, do give the embassies enough time to process your visa application. The earliest you can apply for a visa is three months before your planned travel date. Do consider that you might have to wait three months at most for the results as well in anticipation of possible delays in processing.
  3. Don’t book that plane ticket yet! Remember not to finalize your travel plans until you’ve heard of the decision on your visa. We can be excited about the possibility of travel, but let’s not be hasty.

For a stress-free and hassle-free visa application process, please Contact us now!, and we’d be thrilled to help.