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    Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai

    Immigration should not be a problem. Let us help

    Are you facing trouble as an immigrant in Europe?

    Are you facing trouble as an immigrant in Europe? Are you finding it hard to negotiate with your employers or the relevant immigration authorities? Or are you still in the planning stages of moving to the United Kingdom – but without knowing if and how you can get a job, or when and where you can get housing? Immigration can be daunting and scary, but it need not be.

    In Alpha Future Migration Consultancy, we got you covered.

    In Alpha Future Migration Consultancy, we got you covered. We are a Dubai-based immigration consultancy specialising in the UK and Europe migration composed of a team of highly trained associate partners and only the best immigration consultants in Dubai. We have years of experience dealing with the most complex of immigration cases. We have honed the process and we are confident that we can provide 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

    We don’t just solve immigration cases though.

    We don’t just solve immigration cases though; we also help you achieve your immigration dreams. In addition to our legal consulting services, Alpha Future Migration Consultancy provides the most recent information on living and working in the United Kingdom. However, what sets us apart from other immigration consultancy agencies is that we don’t just let you know what it’s like to work and live there – we help you navigate the job and housing market. Job placement? Renting or buying accommodation? Networking with other UK passport holders? Establishing a new business? We assist with anything you need to make a smooth, successful transition to the UK.

    You no longer have to fear the complexity of immigration processes.

    You no longer have to fear the complexity of immigration processes. Alpha Future Migration Consultancy promises to make everything a bit easier. If interested, do contact us for a free one-hour consultation with one of our expert immigration consultants.

    Why Choose Our Immigration Services?

    Our Immigration Consultancy Brings Results

    Our growing roster of clients is proof of our expertise, dedication, and hard work. With over a hundred clients being approved for visas and issued second passports, you can rest assured that our consultants will give you only the best advice on migration to the UK, Europe, and Canada.
    Worry less about whether or not you’re going to make it to your destination. With over a hundred clients being approved for visas and issued second passports – with the number increasing as we speak! –, you can rest assured that our consultants will give you only the best advice on migration to the UK, Europe, and Canada.

    Highly Skilled Immigration Consultants & Lawyers

    No one wants to be overwhelmed with complicated processes. That’s why our team prides itself in how we present in-depth knowledge about immigration laws and procedures with stark clarity. With the best immigration consultants and lawyers in Dubai, clients are equipped with the right information without feeling too stressed out.

    Prompt Delivery of Visa & Passport

    Tired of long waiting times? Anxious about when you’re going to hear back? With us, you need not wait any longer. We have a turnaround time of 60 days for the issuance of an Overseas Representative Business Visa and 90 days for the issuance of a second passport. Here is how simple is our turnaround time to get a UK passport:

    1. 60 days after signing up, a Sole Representative Visa will be issued for you, and your family can fly to the UK.
    2. After three years Permanent Resident Permit will be issued and you will be granted ILR or Indefinite Leave to Remain in the United Kingdom.
    3. Two years later, you can now apply for a UK passport. It takes only 60 days to get a UK passport and citizenship will be awarded.

    That’s it! As simple as 1-2-3 and isn’t that the fastest way for a brighter future? As compared to other ways for immigration. And all these times, you will be with your most loved ones, your spouse, and your children. Achieve your dreams together with your family.

    Providing quality service in as short an amount of time as possible is our priority.

    Highest Success Rate & Money Back Guarantee

    We are extremely confident in how talented our immigration consultants and lawyers are that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee should your visa does not get approved. Our consultants have numerous certifications and have the highest success rate in the region. We provide your best shot at getting approved for visas, second passports, and migration applications.

    Most Economical Immigration Consultant in the Region

    Achieving your dreams shouldn’t cost you much. Fortunately, we at Alpha Future Migration Consultancy offer the most cost-friendly migration consultation and application services in Dubai. We pride ourselves on not only providing efficient and effective services but also making them as affordable as possible.

    Simplest Immigration Process with Zero Fuss

    We believe migration should not be complicated. That’s why our immigration services have the simplest application process. Worry not about the paperwork. You can rely on our visa processor to inform you of the process as simply as possible every step of the way.

    Your Data Is Safe with Us

    At Alpha Future Migration Consultancy, we take utmost care to ensure that your information remains private and secure. We understand the importance of your data and assure you of its confidentiality and protection.

    Don’t worry about your information security. Everything you provide us is kept protected and confidential.

    Immigration Consultants with Comprehensive Knowledge

    We don’t just help you get to your destination; we help you understand what it’s like to live and work there. Our team of consultants and lawyers continuously update themselves with new laws about immigration, passport application, and jobs and housing situations in every country. We can thus extend help not just with visa applications but also with job placement, searching for property, hiring employees, hiring an accountant, hiring a barrister, and networking with fellow immigrants.

    Work with Us for the Easiest Immigration Process

    Our streamlined application has a fast turnaround time for checking, follow-up, and approval.
    Check the Qualification to Immigrate

    Run through our checklist to see if you are qualified to immigrate. Still, lacking qualifications? Book a call with one of our immigration consultants for advice on how to proceed.
    See if you are qualified to migrate by running through our checklist. Lacking qualifications? Don’t panic. Book a call with one of our immigration consultants for advice on how to proceed.

    Meet with Our Highly Skilled & Qualified Immigration Lawyer

    Once you know you are qualified, book a one-hour consultation call with our immigration lawyer. You will be oriented with the legal procedure, turnaround time, and step-by-step process of your application.
    Congratulations! You’re qualified. Immediately book a one-hour consultation with one of our immigration lawyers. You will be oriented in as simple a manner as possible on the step-by-step process of your application.

    Submit Paperwork with Alpha — Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai – 20 Words

    Paperwork is exhausting – trust us, we know! With us, thankfully you don’t have to do the leg work. Submit the required documents to us and we’ll handle them for you.

    SUCCESS! Get Your Visa & Second Passport

    Once you are approved, we collect your visa and have a final session where we orient you on the details of your approval and advise you what’s next.
    You’ve made it! Upon approval, we’ll collect your visa and schedule another session with you to advise you on what to do next.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Applying for a second citizenship, residency, or immigration program in another country is only done by government authorized agencies like Alpha Migration Consultants. We are strongly affiliated with the government and we ensure your visa application is successful without stress. We regularly update our system updates to meet up with government laws and legal policies. Feel free to contact us, send a query, request, as we will offer you tip, necessary updates regarding the process of visa application.

    You already know what you need and seek before sending in consultations. Having a clear picture of what you want and what you want to achieve speeds up the process and makes the consultation more effective. To prepare for your first citizenship you must jot down issues you wish to be resolved, challenges, travel, and migration difficulties. You can also put to account your purpose of traveling out and the numbers of persons you will be traveling with, these details are important to your consultant to serve you better.

    Choosing a program might be confusing especially if it is your first time. This difficulty is posed because of the attractive features attached to each program. However, the best way to choose a program is by deciding your purpose of traveling. You should also put into consideration your plans for residence, your marital status, or the number of families/clients involved in your trip. Some programs offer great advantages to families and a group of individuals. While choosing a visa program, you can also put into consideration your habits and leisure. Analysis in this angle will help you decide which visa program or national laws will place you on an unhealthy limitation.

    Dual Nationality, Second Citizenship, Second Passport is a situation where an individual has multiple citizenship rights and legal privileges in different countries. This could be of great benefit to some individuals especially travelers. However, some countries restrict their citizens from having a second passport, so it is necessary that intending applicants confirm from their country before applying.

    Citizenship by investment is a type of citizenship right granted to foreigners based on their level of investment in the economy and growth of the nation’s economy. Different countries have a required amount of money that you must invest in the nation’s economy for you to have a citizenship passport and status in the country. One of the benefits of citizenship by investment is that you can become a citizen of such a country within a shorter space of time and in the absence of the rigorous stress and task attached to the immigration process.

    Second passport is beneficial for taxation, banking, finance & investment, as well as a generational establishment for your offspring.
    Having second passport in another country grants you access to business opportunities that visitors, non-citizens are restricted from. These benefits go down to healthcare services, and state insurance. We can help you gain an extra citizenship status to specified countries through our immigration programs available.

    There are a few nationals that offer citizenship to its visitors and foreigners by investment. These countries include Cyprus, Malta, Vanuatu, Turkey, Antigua, Barbuda, ST. Kitts, Grenade, Nevis, Montenegro, and St. Lucia.

    Each country is peculiar to its visa application laws and requirements. You are only eligible for second citizenship/second passport/dual residency if you can meet their requirements. These requirements might include age limit, investment and salary earnings, criminal record, and source of funding. Being able to carefully study and meet these requirements help you stand chances for eligibility.

    We treat each of our client’s migration needs with so much caution and care, and we can boast of 0% rejection occurrence. We have a team of active and standby legal advisors, consultants, and professionals that work tirelessly to ensure that every visa application sent is approved. We keep up with daily communication with you to ensure that no detail is skipped in your visa process and also foreseeing and correcting any flaws that might meddle with your application process. Sincerity and clarity are key foundations for preventing visa rejection. However, in any case, that there is a rejection, we help you rectify the issue and re-apply your application.

    You should learn and speak the language of the country that you are applying to. Nevertheless, this is not a compulsory process. The essence of learning the language of the country to which you are applying is to foster and boost communication channels for better interaction and understanding.

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